Today is one of those days. Blank should be one of the feelings like sad, happy, angry. I guess I will add it to the ideas list for our community.

This is probably the first sign for me of a starting downward spiral. If I don’t get back up soon, find something to grab my interest and go at it, I will probably sink further.

Writing this blog could be one of those things but I would really need content that I cannot think about right now.

I do love writing though. I can never be regular with a journal though. I know it helps me sort out my thoughts and makes me feel more peaceful, but only on the days when I am still good enough to open the journal and write. Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of writing one?

A lot of uncertainty today in my life, could that be the reason?

I want a direction, more clarity but the new endeavors I like to take on do not provide it.





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