Way of life

Dealing with depression has become a way of life for me. I realized there must be many others out there like me, hence the blog now. I want to reach out, find friends who understand and make sure we stay over the top of this life skill “dealing with depression”, together.

There was a time when I did not know what was going on with me, I used to feel sad and I thought I was procrastinating over everything. Little did I realize it is not just because I am lazy, though I have certainly been tagged that by many.

After dealing with several failures in life, even though I consider myself above average in my field, I started focusing my efforts on positive thoughts. I thought may be I am just a negative person and do not know how to channelize my energies to success.

Several failures after, one of them included being a mom who doesn’t care, I realized something else was going on. Postpartum depression was my first clue. Depression has come and gone in my life without me knowing it. I have felt like there is no future, like the moment I am in is the end of all.

It starts off with just one small thought or feeling. Anything can be a trigger. Starting from skipping a meal, I am mother of two little boys and can get busy sometimes, to anything that dear husband (DH) might say,  when kids do not listen, when I do not like what happened at work.. anything at all. From there on, it is a downward spiral. At least it used to be.

Now the situation is that I can recognize when I am going down the spiral, and before I go too far down, I pull myself up, most of the time. If you see a gap of more than a week here, please reach out to me because I might not have bee able to pull myself up.

Please share if you have faced something like me or worse. I am all ears, I am in the up phase now and want to connect all of us together to help each other. When I am in the down phase again, I will need you…. waiting to hear…









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